{ We localize software, video,
websites and technical documentation }


We work alongside software vendors, hardware manufacturers and publishing houses.

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in all Senses

We speak FR, DE, JP, ES, CN, NL, IT, RU, SV, PT... and XML, PO, RES, SQL, PSD, FLA, NIB, INDD...

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Excellent Quality,
Quick Turnaround

Using renowned CAT tools we accelerate turnaround and maintain exceptional quality.

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we localize IT

Specialists in localizing and creating content for the computer, video game and consumer electronics industries.

> We translate and adapt software, video, websites and documentation in any language to any language.

> Our experts are able to work from just product specifications and data to create content for user manuals, training guides and product video demonstrations.

We don't just translate, we truly localize.

> Our native translators and editors (from software programmers to technical journalists) know and understand how to work in a variety of formats.

> We select the most suitable tools to secure the most accurate translation, ensuring we keep the integrity of the content.

We choose the optimum CAT tool for each project.

> Using the most appropriate CAT tool helps to reduce delivery times and avoids formatting errors.

> CAT also allows the re-use of previous translations, reducing the cost for new projects and helps maintain content consistency.

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Complete the attached form with some content that you would like to be translated such as the homepage of your website, a section of a user manual, etc. We will then contact you to send you the sample translation totally free of charge.

Or just attach a sample of the content you need to localize and we will send you a detailed proposal within 48 hours.

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